Fully – Auto Production

Our fully auto moulding machines range from 18T to 110T Neggri bossi machines and we have a maximum shot weight 160g ( potential component weight) Which will accept most conventional mould tools with a 4inch mounting ring.

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Semi – Auto Production Manimould

The Manumold Plastic Injection Moulding system is versatile for both prototyping and Precision runs allowing economical low volume batches with the advantage of low cost tooling, it is used in many product developments, where small quantities have been the requirement for trial purposes.

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Insert Moulding

A variety of inserts can be moulded into plastic components. We have a lot of experience at Maclan of insert moulding parts for our customers and over the years we have insert and over moulded many different parts.

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Prototype Tools

Prototype tools can be made in a variety of materials to suit component complexity, easy of manufacture and component quantity requirement. Functional Prototypes can be made in production polymers for testing & further development.

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