From Single to multi impression cavity mould tools

Maclan can advise on component design resulting in the most effective solution to your moulding needs. If necessary we can provide component drawings of the product. It encourages close working relationships with your own designers to ensure that your development is right first time.

At Maclan the majority of our tools that we make are for our in house injection moulding department. We start with the customers requirements and design a flexible tooling package to suite. We can help at the outset with product design input to make your component easy to tool up and avoid any potential areas that may cause problems later on in the moulding process there by giving you the best quality mouldings and reducing the tooling cost to a minimum.

So it could be a multi impression with side cores and sleeve ejection or

Sometimes a very low volume prototype mould tool will be sufficient.

Or a Manumold that could be turned in to a fully auto tool later

It may be just a single impression mould tool to get started or it could have room for more cavities to be added later if required.

Maclan mould tools are made and maintained in our in house tool room with care and precision to give trouble free use for many years’ service, which can be seen in the quality of the parts we produce.

We can also make jigs and fixtures, cooling racks and any other post moulding or assembly aids that might be required, in the production of your parts.

Existing Moulds

If you have any existing plastic moulds or suite of moulds and are looking for a new injection moulder maclan Plastics will adapt these tools for our moulding machines if necessary and produce sample mouldings free of charge. If any refurbishment is required this can be carried out quickly and cost effectively in our own toolroom.

Tool Maintenance

Routine tool maintenance is carried out free of charge for all injection moulds which are manufactured by us, for its entire working life – whilst Maclan Plastics is the appointed moulder. You can be confident that your initial investment is protected and downtime is minimised.