Design and Development

We discuss at the earliest stages of the project the finished part requirements to provide the best possible tooling and moulding solutions.

We can bring many years of experience across a range of moulding sectors to help with product design to help you get the most out of your moulding and to develop it to be the best it can be.

With a flexible approach to modifying and sampling / testing components.

We can make test rigs to demonstrate the performance of your products.

From a simple sketch to a 3D file we can optimise tool size, design and a number of cavity impressions required to suit your production requirements.

New product tooling can be approached as a single cavity mould tool for initial production quantities with the provision for additional cavities to be introduced as product demand increases giving flexibility in some areas.

Are you an R&D Department?

We can be the physical workshop of your R & D and perform the tasks that you require to prove and develop your product and designs to be the best they can be. Many of our customers treat us like an internal department.